Chris Barrie Chris Barrie fans site since 1996. Brian Clay brings you the Brittas Empire pages, Red Dwarf and everything about Chris Barrie. Welcome to the new House of Clay pages more information more content for 2004, plus my new rabbit pages.

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Brittas Empire Gordon Brittas and the Brittas Empire. Facts, puzzles, info about the series
Rimmer Web Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf, fan fiction about the character
Red Dwarf  Red Dwarf A cult British Comedy TV classic and it's all here
Prince Among Men  It had Chris Barrie in it so it's in
Rabbit and Bunny Pictures Loads of my rabbit and bunny pictures, plus some rabbit links
Ian Vestigates Daft goings on with the Stupid Internet Detective
Diss Diss on the map, Norfolk, England
Cheese An exciting Cheese page, must finish it
The Gallery Over the years with some graphical views 2D and 3D
Motor Racing F1, TOCA, lots of bits here
Pet Shop Boys A tribute to the Per Shop Boys started as one page and turned into this
Ancipital The Story of the Llamasoft Classic ( Commodore 64 )
Visitors Book The classic guestbook
Whizzy Web Links Just as it says, although not all are that whizzy
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