My Top Ten Films

Over the years I've watched 1000's of films. It's amazing really how much
I've spent watching movies. Like everybody else I've gained a series of
favourites that I can seem to watch endlessly. The following are not in the
order that I like them, they are all about the same to me. Each has a story
or some comment attached, so settle back and read something that may
help you get to sleep. if you don't agree with my comments, I'm sorry, that's
life and we're all different.

regards, Brian



1. THE MATRIX - Keanu Reeves (1999)

Only seeing a couple of clips was the best way to advertise this film. Everybody recommended it and said they could not explain it, you'll just have to see it. The quality of the action, stunts and sound blow me away, together with a good new story you walk out from the film wondering if everything is really what it seems. Anything could be possible. Too many films these days depend on major special effects and then there's nothing behind it. In this case it was nice to be proved wrong and puzzled on how this were actually filmed.



2. BLADE RUNNER - Harrison Ford (1982)
Deep, dark and a great film. Looking at it now the effects are cheap, but they work. The atmosphere of this film draws you into it. It was a talking point at School and at the time everybody was discussing the problems of Deckard and replicants. Until very recently the big question was he a replicant or not, now we know he was. I even remember doing an English paper on it. it never needed a sequel, it was just enough. Today it is a classic.



3. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - Gene Wilder, Mari Feldman (1974)



Advised by a teacher to watch this film it hired it out. B/W and who were these people in it I thought. I laughed all the way through and by the end became a follower of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. This film had everything, it took the Mickey out of other horrors and had some great one liners and sight gags. A few years later that likes of Airplane and Naked Gun followed in the same vane. not matter how many time I watch this, it's still funny and Marti Feldman just has to smile and I start laughing.



4. ARMY OF DARKNESS - Bruce Campbell (1993)



The early 80's were full of horrors and the Evil Dead series just got better and better. AOD the final one of the three was just way over the top and this is why it's made it to my list. A decent story, lots of action and our hero with a Chainsaw strapped to one arm in place of his hand and a shotgun in the other battling the whole Army of Darkness. With Ash (the hero) you sometimes think he's a coward and stupid and then other times he battles on like a true warrior. This combination makes the film worth watching as at time you're not sure if he will actually make it. Plus did I say it was funny, very funny.



5. GHOSTBUSTERS - Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd (1984)



A winters afternoon and I thought I was going to a Ghost movie. I'd only seen the Ray Parker Jnr music video and it all looked interesting, so I thought I'd take a look. Not knowing any of the cast then I was amazed at how funny the film was. It was very refreshing and suddenly I getting hold of US Saturday Night live tapes. The second film was expected and for me added to the characters in the first although the film story itself wasn't as strong. I must have seen this film over 150 times.



6. GROUNDHOG DAY - Bill Murray (1993)



Following the career of Bill Murray this film was a delight. This has to be him at his best. Stuck in the same day sounds fun until it just never ends. This film worked well repeating his days events again and again with only a slight change each time and him slowly going mad. but in the end using it all to his advantage and by the end you get a warm feeling from the whole movie.



7. BETTER OFF DEAD - John Cusack (1985)


Teen comedies in the 80's were all about the same until this one came along. John Cusack has the lead and was really unhappy and seemed to be always trying to kill himself throughout the film. it's strange his attempts to die were really quite funny and he didn't really want to die, he just wanted somebody to love him. I suppose a lot of teenager could relate to the character, it's a good job most people didn't go as far as him



8. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY - Clint Eastwood (1967)



Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, what can you say, this is a classic. Out of the all the westerns this was the best and very long, close to three hours. The plot is simple but the story seems to have loads of twists and turns. Along with the gun fighting it had some great music and over the top close up shots. I could watch this again and again



9. HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES - Basil Rathbone (1939)



Sherlock Holmes has always been my thing and this must have been the first time I'd come across him. This must also be the oldest film in this list at well over 60 years. This doesn't take the charm away from it due to the time in the England that Holmes is set. A great story that started me off on the classic Detective trail.



10. ENTER THE DRAGON - Bruce Lee (1973)
Kung Fu, Karate and everybody thinks of Bruce Lee, even though he's been dead for almost 30 years. This was the film that everybody wanted to watch and copy. A few classic lines with Boards don't hit back and some great action made this a very good film. The only thing missing is the 30 seconds removed by the British censor. I'm sure if it was looked at again it wouldn't be any worse than current action films



I may extend this as I have missed a few others I really like, watch out for my Top 20