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Chris Barrie

This is the site devoted to the everything related to him. Chris Barrie and sections on Red Dwarf with the magic Arnold Rimmer, a whole fan site for the Brittas Empire and the great Gordon Brittas, manager of Whitbury Leisure Centre.

Chris Barrie Fans Site is one of the longest running site on the internet.
We have lots of information and a few fun things to do

Chris Barrie brought something new to British Comedy and it hasn't been the same since Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire ended on our screens, but at least now they are out on DVD, go buy them.

Hope you enjoy your visit, don't worry about clearing up, one of the scutters will do it.

Red Dwarf

who are the crew. find out about Arnold Rimmer played by Chris Barrie his crewmate Dave Lister played by Craig Charles, the robot Kryten played by Robert Llewellyn, the Cat played by Danny John-Jules, Holly played by Normon Lovett and Hattie Hayridge and the Rest of the crew. Pilot starbug and blue midget with the aid of Holly and the Crew, join the space corps today.

Journey with Starbug and Mr Flibble on a voyage of adventure with the crew. Find out why this is a cult british comedy. Journey back to the Last Day, avoid being Morooned and keep away from Mr Flibble, the odd bodyswap and careful of the polymorph before we go back to reality.

Dave Lister is the Last Human alive 3,000,000 years from earth and only a hologram, a robot called Kryten and a creature evolved from his Cat for company, oh and a Computer called Holly thats gone a little stir crazy for company. Craig Charles leads the adventure of one of the best Bristish Comedy shows in the last 20 years., the first location for Chris Barrie information and pictures