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The Rimmer Salute
Last updated 1st February 3.000.2000,
Red Bits: Added by Dave Lister :-) nice one Hol.

This is a Guide to Performing the Rimmer Salute

1.   You must stand to attenion holding stomach and all chins in.
2. Extend Arm directly infront until 90 degrees with the Body.
3. Twirl wrist in a circular motion, to symbolise the five arms of the Space Corps
4. With Finger rigid, bring arm up to form Triangle with forehead.
5   Straighten elbow to make arm point sideways from the body.
6   Snap arm back down to side to complete the Salute.


The Three versions are as follows

The Full Rimmer, as above with Five circles, this is the standard. Dull and stupid looking

The Half Rimmer with only three circles for an emergency and when the the full Rimmer will take too long to do. Just makes you look like you're trying to get rid of a fly

The Double Rimmer for Dress occasion, this is 10 Circles, five with each hand at once. Ahh, the human windmill in full motion, well, I suppose it keeps him busy.