Arnold J. Rimmer

BSc, SSC, Second Technician Red Dwarf

Arnold J.Rimmer, BSc, SSC

My Career in Life and Death aboard the Mining Ship
Red Dwarf
Last updated 2nd February 2000,

Contents of Rimmer Web

a compelling guide for all those who dream of joining the Space Corps
Follow my simple rules and enjoy the tales of my command
and you too could be as sucessful as I am.

My War Diary

The Rimmer Directives

Arnie's Fav Links

The Salute

Additional comments across these pages added by me (Dave Lister)
Holly was kind enough to let me do some editing :-) all my bits are in Red
and everytime he edits them out they come back it drives him mad


Before anybody asks, the books mentioned in these pages are not real.
This is all Fan Fiction based on the
Red Dwarf Character.

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