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Something Weird I found on one of the IRC channels.
If you believe that you'll believe anything.

Kryten: Hmm, if I not mistaken it looks like the main comms panel has patched us into Cyberspace..

Rimmer: What, does that mean we'll need loads of gold to kill them, doesn't it!!

Kryten: No, That's Cybermen from the Fictional Dr Who TV Show. This is Cyberspace a connection in a global network of computers on earth in the late 1990's. Often just known at the Net..

Rimmer: Of course,  just testing you...

Cat: A Net, are there any fish in this Net? I'm hungry it's been almost 30 minutes since my last meal.

Lister: Earth. We can ask for help, somebody can get us back, failing that we could always order a curry. I could really murder a Curry.

Cat: What about my fish?

Rimmer: And I suppose you expect them to deliver. It'll be cold by the time they got here

Lister: yeah, but we still have the microwave, so we .....

Kryten: Mr Lister sir, I don't think anybody will listen. Imagine saying, we are a group of four lost in space for the last 3,000,000 years. What a story, you could make a TV series out of it, I reckon it would do quite well.

Rimmer: What are you going on about, is it time for your head change again. Well, I don't like to say it and I'll never live this down, but, I have to agree with the old tin can on this one. Looks like we'll have to find another way of getting back.

Lister: I suppose you're right, the only person who would actually listen to us is a hip Radio DJ and they've got an IQ lower than Holly's little finger, lets go...

Rimmer: But Holly doesn't have any fingers

Lister: Exactly!

Cat: What, going already and I didn't get any Fish.....

ccchhhh....No Carrier......

Well you can make up your own minds about it, I believe every word. :-)