RED DWARF Characters

Not sure about the Red Dwarf stories and facts. CBFS digs deep.


Dave Lister
(Craig Charles)

Lister is in his mid twenties and his life took a turn for the worse during a drinking game on Earth. One minute trying to find a cab, the next on Mimas with no money and no work permit. A general slob, eats too much drinks too much and smokes too much. Enjoys Lager and Currys and chewing his own toe nails, not a party trick that's that I'd suggest to him very often. Joined the Corps to get back to Earth, never really quite made it. He's his own father, had two baby boys, died having sexing in a plane and married a Gelf. All seems very simple doesn't it. Favourite movie 'It's a wonderful life'. 

He is a bit of a rebel who likes to cruise through life although when needed he'll be there. Once the crisis is over, he's ready to party. Don't try an beer drinking games, you'll lose.

Arnold J Rimmer
(Chris Barrie)

A company man, a man with a purpose, a dead man. Rimmer, Arnold Judas, youngest of a space corps family and totally stupid. Although a 1st Technician has failed the Astronavigatin exam over a dozen times. Lies, cheats, always looks out for number one. He hates the fact he's dead, says it's such a handycap. He was brought back as a hologram to keep Lister from going mad, he manages to make Lister's life hell. Nobody likes him, well who would, he keeps his underwear on coat hangers. Died at the ask of 31 in the accident, although he used to spend all his spare times in a stasis booth not existing, so, really he's only about 30. 

Although likes to point out everything has it's space never manages to sort himself out and panic in times of stress. Never reply on Rimmer backing you up, he'll be doing his roadrunner act.


Loves himself, evolved from the Cat people who lived in the lower cargo decks of Red Dwarf sealed off from the Radiation above. He is the last, son of the Cripple and the Idiot. Has a desire for Fish and looking good. Often walking passed a mirror will have him there for days just looking at himself. Cat is Vane in the strongest sense of the work and has an unbeleivable fashion sense.

The Cat is very full of himself and follows for his own amusement. As a crew member he doesn't really want to know. Remember Cats don't do the 'W' word. Avoid taking on holiday, unless you have space for all his suits.


A service droid previously from the Nova 5. The crew all died on that ship after a crash, but Kryten proceeded to serve them for several million years. Enjoys serving and receiving orders, although he does have one vice 'Androids' and one dream of owning a supermop. Managed to break his programming mainly with the help of Lister showing him movies and now manages to lie and cheat on the odd occasion. 

One piece of advice, never ask an android with groynal attachment to stir your tea. As an android he's loyal and has a lot of useless information stored away in his chips, although he keeps on saying he's just a cleaning droid.

Kristen Kochanski

A human officer in the Space Corps in her mid twenties. Although dead in Lister's dimension, due to a rip in the fabric of time and space has landed her up back with the crew first on Stugbug and eventually on Red Dwarf. Although she once went out with Lister, this was very much on the rebound, wishes she had never got into the corps if she'd known where she would have ended up.

Qualified and smart, has a degree in navigation and electronic engineering. Sounds great, but she's going through a breakdown by being stuff with the rest of the crew, good luck.


The Red Dwarf computer at the start of mission with an IQ of 6000. All seeing all knwoing, able to complete millions of computer instructions in a fraction of a second and talk to hundreds of people in different conversations all of ship at once. well, this is what he was like before the accident, since there 3,000,000 years has drained him, being on his own for that length of time has made his mind go a bit, ok, quite a lot. Huge chunks of his memory are missing and quite frankly it's amasing how the ship hasn't crashed into anything.

Holly means well and everything is fine most of the time. Then somebody switches on a hair dryer and bang goes the information on making a corn beef hash.


The alter ego of Rimmer from another dimension. We discover Ace is the hero, a test pilot, everybody loves him, what a guy. Eventually we discover that there have been thousands of Ace all Rimmers are other dimensions who become Ace to save the universe. Although meeting this Rimmer, Ace isn't convinced he is up to the job.

Ace is the ultimate guy, always ready to give up his life for everybody else. As Rimmer would say "We're right behind you all the way"