A Prince Among Men

Broadcast on the BBC 1997-98

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Cast List

Chris Barrie


Gary Prince

Tim Bentinck


Mark Fitzherbert

Susie Blake



Francesca Hunt


Lisel Prince

Cliff Parisi


Dave Perry

Samantha Power



Bryan Pringle


Vince Hibbert

Details of all Twelve Episodes

Information collected by Christine
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Series 1

Episode 1 - Whose Life is it Anyway? 15th September 1997

Gary overhears his wife, Lisel, talking to someone about a book she is translating. He thinks she is talking to Michael Aspel, and that he will be the next candidate for 'This Is Your Life'.
Episode 1 Script

Episode 2 - Changing Revs - 22th September 1997

Gary wants to buy a local church and turn it into a go-kart track.
Episode 2 Script

Episode 3 - Where Were They Then? - 29th September 1997

The old Ferny Heath football team gather together for a reunion photo organised by a national newspaper.
Episode 3 Script

Episode 4 - Monkey Business - 6th October 1997

Gary buys a small zoo and has plans to turn it into a theme park.
Episode 4 Script

Episode 5 - Family Matters - 13th October 1997

Gary gets thinking about his roots. He contacts his Mother to try to organise a family reunion. Meanwhile, at Ferny Heath FC it is time for the player of the year award.
Episode 5 Script

Episode 6 - A Matter of Degree - 20th October 1997

Gary is given an honorary PhD by the university, but what is the cost?
Episode 6 Script

Series 2

Episode 1 - Walk Right Back

Gary sets out on a sponsored walk. 100 miles in 2 days. He says it is to raise money for a retirement home, but really it is to advertise a new thermal tracksuit. All seems to be going well, until the blisters set in. And he didn't bargain for the wrong turnings, the vengeful husband and Vince's magic sponge!
Episode 1 Script

Episode 2 - Ghost Story

Gary wins an award as local sportswriter of the year. However, what most people do not know is that his regular column is really written by Des, a ghost writer. There is trouble the next week when, instead of writing about Stoke City, Des writes a controversial piece which puts everyone's backs up, including his staff and Lisel, his German wife. The last straw is when he gets a complaint from the Palace, and it is not Crystal Palace!
Episode 2 Script

Episode 3 - The Good Samaritan

This week we actually see Gary playing football. He scores 37 goals in a charity match, Ferny Heath vs Old Ferny Heath. Gary overrules Beverley on a First Aid matter when the opposing goalie gets injured. Gary is to rue his efforts later when he is sued for actual bodily harm. Mark gets one of his school chums to defend Gary in court, but Gary decides that it would be best to conduct the defence himself. He's probably right...

Episode 4 - All In The Game

Gary has been offered a job with the BBC World Cup Commentary Team headed by the great Des Lynam. The new Head of Sport suggests that he meets with an image consultant to tone down his rough edges! After seeing off his main rival, Gary McAllister, he manages to bluff his way into the team. He is horrified to learn that instead of commentating on the England matches, he has Group F, which is Iran, USA, Yugoslavia and Germany. With the first match being between Iran and America, some tact and diplomacy is required. I'm sure they've got the right man for the job.

Episode 5 - Injury Time

Gary does a bit too much during his circuit training and the next day his back goes while he is bending down for a chocolate finger. But at least he finds a use for his new gadget, a remote controlled serving trolley, he uses it as a remote controlled stretcher! Meanwhile, Mark buys a failing publishing company and intends to sell it off for housing development. Their most famous comic was "The Rocket" starring Gary's childhood hero, Tommy Street. Gary takes over and saves the day, and "The Rocket", and actually gets to meet Tommy, while also putting a useful plug for his pork pie business.

Episode 6 - Who's That Girl?

For a while now, Gary has noticed a young girl who is turning up at all his public appearances. He and thinks he has a stalker and is quite flattered, actually. Well it makes a change from grannies, doesn't it? The girl, Katie, finally plucks up the courage to speak and visits Gary and Dave in the office. She produces a photo taken at a club nineteen years before of Gary and Dave with her mother. It appears that she is Gary's daughter! Gary goes on the defensive, thinking that she is just after his money. When a DNA test is suggested he accepts, but when the doctor doesn't recognise him, he gets Dave to give the sample instead. He and Dave are in real trouble when the results come through and it proves that ... Well, congratulations, Gary!