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Prince Among Men

Welcome to my Prince Among Men pages

Back in early 1997 the Brittas Empire had finished. The sets had been
burnt and it was time for Chris to move on to something new.

This character was a complete change from the down troden one he'd
previously played. Gary Prince had it, including an ego the size of a
football pitch he used to play on.

Now retired he was in everything for the money, occasionly pointed towards
a good publicty stunt but in his brash uncaring way it always seemed
to muck up. He is a gadget man and those never really seemed
to work for him.

The cast was a lot smaller than Brittas and maybe they tried to
gel a small team like in Red Dwarf. After two series and low
rating the programme seems have been stopped.

Although a few good stories it lack the punch of RD and Brittas.
I think it needed to be longer in each episode to enchance everything.
maybe they will do another series, it sometimes takes a couple of
series for the characters to work.

You may have a problem trying to seem these shows,
despite some of my comments they are worth saying, for one thing
they have Chris Barrie in.