Full Explanation of the service provided by the House of Clay for Chris Barrie fans sites.

Over the years I've travelled the web and seen the sites and there a lot of good ones out there.
Just remember how annoyingly slow some them are to load. it's a pain and sometimes those
free pages don't always last forever, plus sometimes the good pages are difficult to find. 
Well here is the way forward. 

To all Chris Barrie fans I offer the following. 

Make your own pages, host on your own free site, but send me a zipped up version of your 
site and have it hosted here for FREE also. Why you may ask, well. I'm up there on all the
Search Engines for Chris Barrie, so easy to find, your pages will be held on a fast server
that I pay for. What could be more simple than that. you could treat the whole thing as a 
mirror site from your current pages, how flash is that.

Remember your pages would be reached by typing www.chris-barrie-fans-site.co.uk/yourname 
can be anything you like as long as it isn't already taken

Why Free you may ask, well it's 2000 and I feel like sharing with all the CB Fans out there
What do I get out of this, well nothing in money terms, I just want all the CB fans
to join together so we can have a huge CB section on the Internet.

if you're intested please email me at Hosting@chris-barrie-fans-site.co.uk



Now Hosting

Brian Jackson presents Brittas on the Internet. This is a mirror of the site www.dibbs.net/~brianwj

Joanna Kenedy presents a behind the scenes at a Prince Among Men




Terms and Conditions 
This may sound serious but it saves a lot of problems.

 1. This cost of hosting a page is FREE except if you wish to sell anything

 2. Selling items on a page will result in a nonimal setup fee. Sorry but I have to pay for this site to stay here, so I can't have you making a profit from me being out of pocket. This sum can be agreed between the parties concerned.

 3. Number of pages and size isn't a problem. There is loads of room at the Inn as it were.

 4. No illegal or Offensive postings. These will not be tolleranted. I will check all pages before uploading them. I will respond to readers requests if they feel your pages are not suitable for general viewing. These pages are meant to be for general viewing.

 5. Banners are allowed as long as you don't use loads of them. Nobody likes to wade through loads of banners

 6. Links to Adult sites are not allowed.

 7. The pages have to related to Chris Barrie or any of the programs he has been connected in.

 8. My decision on the uploading of the pages is final. There is no appeal. If I do reject your pages you will be told of the reason.

 9. Please obey Copyright laws of the UK as this is where the House of Clay is located.

 10. The House of Clay reserves the right to alter these rules at any time. :-)



That's about it. I'm sure none of you will have any bother, 
but I do have to make myself clear to some people and besides I want this site to continue. 
I don't want a lot of hassle, but I do want CB fans together.
So go on, even if it's a single page about how much you like him
there will be a space for you.

Brian Clay

House of Clay