So why this site you ask ?

Well, that's a question I've been asked many times over the years. What is it they say, if I had a pound for everytime I was asked that, well, I'd have almost a tenner.  Sadly my comic skills are lacking and thus I resort to just writing about people. I have been a great fan of Chris Barrie so many years, I was young when I first saw him, infact I was still at school. I have loved and hated his characters, bought the videos, read the books, worn the T-shirts. Then in 1995 I was looking for some programming info on C and I was diverted to the FIDO newsgroups on the old Bulletin Boards. 

Ahh, those were the days, it didn't take me long before I was on the Net and found loads Red Dwarf information but could never find anything on The Brittas Empire or Mr Barrie himself. I was then I had a idea. It all started as a simple page, but once I know people were reading there was no stopping and then the following happened in Early 1996. I never did find the information I was looking for on those Bulletin Boards all those years ago.

I decided to create I think the first Unoffical Fan Site for Chris Barrie and his works of comic genius. It took off well, and over the last five years I've had a couple of hundred thousand visits. I'm amazed and impressed by the number of fans of his all over the world. Included in this site is some factual info I've found regarding the man himself and the other pages are fanzine type stuff by myself in the manner of a couple of the characters he portrays. 

If you are a Barrie fan let me know, it's always good to have a chat about his work. 
If you are Chris Barrie, I would like to hear from you, sir. :-).

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If you remember some stuff of Chris before somewhere else on the Net if may have been me. I've had several homes as you can see below. I got tired of the name changes and as you can see has been running for quite a while. Please remember I pay for this space and therefore can not afford a decent spell checker. I know some of the parts aren't perfect, please try and ignore the odd mistake, thanks, now remember to sign the guestbook and notice board.

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This site has won various awards in it's time with a tireless effort towards Chris Barrie fans. The main one that really sticks out is the feature on the television programme. I had a great day, read about it on the Web Hosting area ( Until 2000 this had never been explained ) This did happen and was on national television, see the programme listing via the above link and read the full story via the TV interview menu option in the Chris Barrie section. 

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