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So, you've made it this far, you must have seen or heard about Chris something and I'm guessing but maybe you're here because of the Red Dwarf. Well it's time to sit back and find out some more about the man.

So, who is Chris Barrie ?

    Chris Barrie is a Comedy Actor. He's starred in several of the BBC's Biggest Cult Comedy Shows over the last few years. These shows have attracted a huge number of followers from across the World. I am one of those followers who has taken the appriciation of the show to the web

    As the down trodden character Rimmer in Red Dwarf he plays a Hologram who has a very low opinion of himself and everybody else really. He is a person you hate at times for his cowardly acts, yet love for them as well. He's stuck being dead with a crew of three that he doesn't like and none of them want to play Risk with him

    As Gordon Brittas he plays the Manager of a Leisure Centre, he believes he is the oil in the machine that keeps the centre running, infact he's more of the dirt in the machine, although I doesn't ever see this. He goes through life causing chaos and destruction with knowing it. It a character you love to hate and at times feel sorry for. it amazes me how little know known this show is outside of the UK, although I know of various Brittas Fan groups in the US and Australia.

    Plus more recently he has been Gary Prince an Ex Football player turned business man who loves to play with gadgets and getting his face in the paper.

    Further details of the above shows are available via the menu system.

    Have fun, Chris Barrie fans of the world unite.

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