Details of Career So Far to the Start of 2000

    The Man behind the Rimmer in Red Dwarf has earned him cult status. The series has run so far for eight seasons although Chris only appeared in a handful of series seven. I, like the rest of the Internet community was pleased to see him back at his best in Series Eight with a stronger yet weaker character. Hmmm, I think that makes sense.

    He plays the main character in the Brittas Empire as disaster-prone leisure centre manager, Gordon Brittas. the man with the Dream. This series is one of the BBC's most popular ever with some of the highest rating of any comedy over the last ten years. It's a shame they burnt the sets after the last filming.

    Recently he wore a perm and became Gary Prince, a ex footballer from Liverpool that doesn't really listen to anybody and really doesn't have a great deal of taste. After two series they've stopped making this program. I've no idea what the ratings were but they moved it to an afternoon slot.

    He was also the principal male voice on Spitting Image. He was the voice of many, including Sean Connery's James Bond, Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, Robin Day, David Coleman, Sir John Gielgud, Paul Daniels, Barry Norman, John Cole, George Bush, Jack Nicholson and Kenneth Williams. He does not have a favourite impression any more. 

    His Kenneth Williams on the Smeg Ups tape is a classic.



Advert Voice Overs

    Rice Krispies
    Nissan Primera
    Jif Micro Liquid
    East Midlands Electricity
    Ariel Colour
    Fruit Gums
    Corn Pops
    The Olympic Games 1992
    British Lamb
    Vladivar Vodka
    Edam Cheese
    Thomas Cook and Lunn Poly

Various Shows Chris Has Worked On Over The Years

    Jasper Carrott's Election Special
    Carrott's Lib
    Spitting Image
    Son of Cliche - Radio
    The Uncyclopedia of Rock - Radio
    Coming Next - C4
    Hale & Pace
    Red Dwarf (as if we didn't know)
    Blackadder the Third
    The Brittas Empire
    Totally Foxed
    Lookback at the 90's - Radio
    The Comedy Store Showcase
    David Essex Show
    On the Fringe
    Stomping on the Cat
    Pushing up Daisys
    6.55 Special
    The Lenny Henry Show
    The Jewel in India's Passage
    Happy Families
    Filthy Rich and Catflap
    Record Breakers
    Jackanory - Jack Crater
    Blue Peter as Brittas

Plus various others to numerous to mention...

Any more information most welcome