Brittas Empire




Gordon Brittas
Chris Barrie

Gordon Brittas is the Manager of the Whitbury Newton Leisure, Gordon and his family moved from his last leisure centre as it burnt down. During the series Whitbury burns down and Gordon dies, but Heaven kicks him out and he comes back from the dead. He has a dream, it's a good idea, but he method of doing things is too much by the book and he has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong just by saying hello.

Helen Brittas
Pippa Haywood

Long suffering wife of Gordon. Has to keep popping pills to keep going, knows exactly what Gordon to annoy people but just can't get it thorugh to him. Like the odd doughnut in the Leisure Centre canteen. Had a couple of brief affairs and even gave birth to twins in the middle of the high street.

Laura Lancing
Julia St. John

She is the dpurty manager of the Centre and is really the brains behind everything. She managers to just stop most disasters and even convince Mr Brittas to change his mind on a couple of things, although Brittas is still not convinced. Although at the same level as Colin, she is Deputy Manager 'Dry' keeping Colin from doing damage to himself and the Centre. She is the calming influence for the other staff. Towards the later series she left and for me a key role finished. She provided a good counter point to all of Gordon's ideas that nobody else could do.

Colin Wetherby
Michael Burns

Colin is Deputy Manager 'Wet'. You have never met a men with more boils and rashes than him. He virtually lives in the boiler and doesn't seem to mind doing the dirtest jobs in the centre. These usually involve toilet and rats, he can regularly be seen wandering round the centre in his rubber gloves and swimming goggles. He is a great believer in alternative medicine and 

Carole Parkinson
Harriet Thorpe

Carole in the receptionist and started the series with one son called Ben. She smuggles Ben into the Centre because Gordon believes it is no place for a bady and she hides him in drawers and cupboards. Ben grows up playing the ducts of the centre and prefers a dark cupboard. She give birth to twins, a mistake from an office party where Brittas mistake her for Helen. As he doesn't know anything about it, he goes on about how careful she should have been and how she should have found out the fathers name.

Julie Porter
Judy Flynn

Julie is Gordon's secretary, she is bossy and doesn't always do what Mr Brittas asks. I'm amazed how she was never sacked. She tells everything as it is and keeps a picture of Gordon behind her cupboard for her to throw darts at.

Gavin Featherley
Tim Marriott

Gavin started as just a coach in the centre, but once Laura left he had to chance to prove himself in a management role. Brittas often tries to joke with Gavin and encourage him not to be shy with women. He points out it would be good if a future Leisure Centre manager had a wife. He doesn't know Gavin is gay.

Tim Whistler
Russell Porter

Tim also works in the centre and is also gay. He lives with Gavin and hates Brittas. He believes Brittas is out to get him for something. Gordon believes Tim is not focused and just give him more work to do. Brittas has no idea Tim is gay either.

Linda Perkin
Jill Greenacre

Linda is another helper and bright and bubbly she likes the idea of the Brittas dream and doesn't seem to see some of the crazy things Brittas manages to do. She is also willing and sometimes not quite there herself.

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