Gordon Brittas Dream

Details for Self Fulfilment and Personal Development

My name for those of you who don't know is Gordon Brittas. That's me on the left, taken just before an eighteen ton lorry came through that very same wall.

I am the Manager Whitbury Newton Leisure Centre and am responsible for the Physical being of the Town and area. I recently discovered the Internet while glancing at various articles in the 'Leisure for the Lame', monthly magazine. The World Wide Web seems a perfect way to pass my dream on to a wider range on people assuming that is they come up to Requirements.  With a dream you have a purpose, a goal as it were, without that life really isn't worth living. I often tell this to my staff and often it brings on a show of emotion, so nice to know I've touched them deep down.

I made a final attempt with Whitbury Printing and Publicity Co. Ltd in regard to this Web Page. I asked if they could produce a Web Page for me and two days later I got a flower press through the post with a poor little Spider crushed inside it. The attached letter read "Unable to keep Web together maybe this Spider Page will do". No it won't I thought, nor did the balloons I got from them for the New swimmers club. they should have read "I did it in the Whitbury Pool", what I got was five hundred balloons with "I did one in the Whitbury Pool", not very inspiring, if you know what I mean. Have they not seen the internet advertised on the Television, although I do like to support local business, some these days are not very helpful.

So, I was pleased when Brian Clay a fully paid up member of my Dream Team suggested he could help me bring my thoughts to the world. My dream will now be shared by millions of people, Helen didn't seem to keen by this idea, she thought that it could be dangerous to encourage my Dream in those who could not manage to live up to it. Well, I think this is what she meant. She did suggest it could hurt a lot of people, I said "How many people have been hurt by a dream". I laughed, Helen just continued to count in multiples of ten for some reason. My wife is such a funny person sometimes, although I don't really understand her humour.

It does appear I've almost come to end of my first page here and I haven't begun to explain the full context of my dream. I could do with about 400 pages, video and many flip chart drawings. So I shall leave you with a few points to begin with. Take a look at yourself for a moment, do you look like one of the gladiators, I think not, Not many of us do. So, switch that computer off and pop down to your local leisure centre and enrole into a couple of their courses. I realise they won't be as good as the ones at Whitbury but it will be your first step on the long road for your full development. You can all do it, some more than others of course but you can all try, well, as long as you have the regulation equipment that is.

Well I'm sure you wish to thank me for helping you. It's my pleasure and my duty to ensure that even the most ungifted of sportsmen have a go, I realise you're not going to win, but so what, you're becoming a better person, just look at me, here you see me smiling, because I have the Dream.

Just remember you've got to have a dream or 
how are you going to make a dream come true.


Many thanks for the BBC and Fegen and Norriss for the Great program "The Brittas Empire" and to Jonathan Rice for the Book Gordon Brittas "Sharing the Dream" available from Boxtree for 6.99 uk Pounds ISBN 0-7522-0896-9. Also massive thanks to Chris Barrie for his amazing character in the series and on the Audio Tape of "Sharing the Dream" that inspired me to put together this whole Brittas Web Site and start the Chris Barrie Fans Site.